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Nicholas Hon - We are entering the golden age of experience design.

Experience Officer at Polymath & Creative Director at C27

Nic is no stranger to the Digital Industry. With 10 years of experience under his belt, he relishes in the constant change and evolution of the digital landscape.

He prides himself in being a multi-disciplinary creative with skills ranging from user experience design, digital marketing, performance media, and digital innovation. His creative solutions are deeply rooted in human insights and user behaviour and has garnered him numerous accolades for a plethora of clients he’s worked on.

Building innovative products that push the boundaries of creativity, technology and solving real world problems are what he does daily. Creating amazing experiences based on user insights, data and natural instincts are his forte.

He's an Investor of multiple startups like WOBB, QEOS LED & Leaderonomics and mentor to several learning academies. He's also the winner of Startup Weekend Axiata Digital KL 2017 (Flexifly), Top 10 finalist Re:Hack with TM 2016 (Mamakku) and Founder & Weaponsmith at URBN WPNS Clothing Co www.urbanweapons.co


Experience design is probably one of the most important aspects of design today. It is essentially how people interact with your product / solutions.

The consumer is key and customer service like it or not has been replaced with customer experience. In an era where close to anything can be self served (minimal human interaction required), the key to success for any business is how well do customer experience your product.

Experience design has transcended just visual hierarchy and has become somewhat a staple for any customer related experience. What is makes for a great experience? When you have a great experience it is usually simple, delightful and intuitive. Great experience design can simplify tasks and encourage participation while also gathering meaningful data about your customer.

Some examples of great customer experience can be found in the simplest places, for example doors with flat panels instead of handles automatically guides us to "push" as the ability to "pull" is non existent. The USB type C has made it so much easier to connect cables to our devices with its omnidirectional head.

As customers get more and more exposed to good experience design, it becomes the standard to which companies need to adhere. Have you audited they way your customer experience your products / services yet?

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