About Polymath

Polymath was formed with the intent of combining the creative & conceptual firepower of a Digital Agency with the cutting edge technology & big data of a Consulting firm. This amalgamation allows us to be a company of the future - giving us the ability create immersive hyper-localised experiences at SCALE.

We adopt agile working models, collaborative product development, a data driven approach & cutting edge technology to provide digital transformation solutions of the future.


Design Serves People

We believe good design improves people's lives through the delivery of experiences that are meaningful, delightful and enriching. We focus on creating new value through valuing people.

Design Also Serves Businesses

We believe creativity is the most powerful force in business and design is the strategic business tool that gives creativity direction and value. We focus on delivering impact through informed design, so you can deliver on your purpose and strategy.



Where are we today?

Current Positioning | Audience research & analysis | Current Customer Journey | Digital Asset Analysis | Competitor and Product Analysis | Sales and Marketing structure


What is our future?

Digital Vision | Digital Adoption Strategy | Channel and Technology Strategy | Funnel strategy | Personas, lifecycle stages) | Content Strategy | Digitalisation | 

Retention Strategy


How do we get there?

Top-down business case estimating cost reductions and implementation costs for a recommended scenario.

Design of implementation plan – proposal on how to reach the future state with milestones, activities and a time plan.